“As insurance services move online, success will increasingly depend both on our ability to deliver high-quality customer experiences and to foster trust that we can keep customers’ data secure. AMPLIFY API Management allows us to apply robust security and governance frameworks to our APIs, helping to ensure that we meet the rigorous requirements of the business and our regulators.”


innovation bringing new products to market faster


delivers high-quality customer experiences online


first approach on a chosen cloud platform    


Case study details

Askrindo delivers frictionless experiences for insurance customers with a secure API management platform in the cloud.

Askrindo aimed to empower customers to search, compare, and buy its insurance products seamlessly online. How can the company acquire a secure and flexible API management platform to support these new digital experiences?

With a scalable, high-performance and easy-to-manage API management platform running in the cloud, Askrindo has a single, secure point of control for new data-driven services — helping it to bring new sales channels to market rapidly.