“With real-time insights into our payments process, we can ensure seamless services for our customers—protecting those hard-won relationships from nimble market entrants.”


and resolve incidents before customer impact


actionable insights into processes


into trends enabling it to drive revenue

Case study details

The retail banking landscape is evolving rapidly. Around the world, born-online Fintechs are beginning to compete with established providers for retail banking customers. At the same time, consumers have growing expectations of responsiveness from their banks. Today, many customers expect the ability to manage their finances 24/7 on any channel they choose

With agile Fintechs entering the marketplace and consumer expectations on the rise, this leading retail bank was under increased pressure to deliver fast and seamless payments services — but a complex, heterogeneous payments processing infrastructure made it difficult to meet its service-level objectives.

Using real-time business activity monitoring capabilities from Axway, the bank can proactively identify and address payments issues before they impact service levels, helping the bank to delight its customers and foster long-term loyalty