"The Axway solution was far and away the best, both in terms of its technical features and the overall price-to-quality ratio"

7 million

citizens reached


information providers connecting citizens

30 APIs

built in 2 years

Case study details

As the Policy and Support organization serving the Belgian federal government, BOSA is helping to drive digital transformation as the logical evolution of e-government. A key element in this transformation is the creation of the Federal Service Platform (FSP), which offers standardized infrastructure services and software solutions to government agencies. As the government of Belgium is fragmented across federal, regional and communal levels, FSP provides behind-the-scenes connections between multiple agencies and sets of data

A key challenge was to deliver new capabilities without negatively impacting existing consumers and providers of services. We also wanted to modernize our security around APIs, to ensure that we could protect sensitive data at all times.

Cost-effective scaling of services as demand and user numbers grow

Enhanced security and performance, plus support for containerization

Secure access to data for citizens and companies in Belgium